We now have more than 40,000 reported cases. We’re running 3 days ahead of the projection I made back on the 14th. At our current growth rate, we’ll be adding more than 10,000 cases per day now. Expect to see the numbers grow alarmingly this week. We’re still on track to be over 100k by the end of the week, likely by Thursday.

I just noticed an error in my numbers post from yesterday. I had left 3/26 out of of my list of dates and so all of the numbers after the 24th were shown as two days later than they should have been. Here is the corrected table from yesterday, which I’ve also corrected in that post. Nothing substantial has changed since then, so I’m not going to run a new set today. I’ll make a new post if anything changes that.

3/22 31,000
3/24 56,330
3/26 102,358
3/28 185,995
3/30 337,972
4/1 614,130

In the meantime, stay home if you can, and take deliberate precautions if you do have to go out.

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